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Workflow Automation Solutions

Workflow Automation Software from OnCourseTo track progress on any given project or task, organizations tend to rely on taking notes, emailing spreadsheets and word documents around, and memory. This is the definition of inefficiency.

Best-in-class organizations automate processes like paying invoices to hiring new employees to drawing up new contracts with workflow automation software to eliminate manual errors, increase efficiency and to create competitive advantage.

Being one of the premier FileBound partners in the country, OnCourse can implement a FileBound workflow solution to automate even your most manual, complex and error-prone processes.

Easy Return on Investments

The financial benefits from deploying workflow capabilities are well documented – they include:

  • Improved Processes: less effort is needed to move information
  • Instantaneous Status: always know the status of a process without relying on spreadsheets
  • Simplified Accountability: the software tracks who touched what document on what date
  • Systemic Compliance: the overall system you design ensures that you know where every document is in the process, who touched it last, and when the next escalation point is
  • Competitive Advantage: by streamlining processes, organizations can run circles around their competitors to win new accounts and provide higher levels of customer service


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