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Data Management

Anticipate results of processes before they complete their cycles. For example, if the workflow is being used to process accounts payable transactions, CFOs can see how much spend is set to hit their bottom line, and how quickly, at any time throughout the approval process.

Manage Your Data

document management

Simple, web-based interface for users to create, store, search, retrieve and manage their documents and forms.


Workflow to improve document-driven processes by keeping information moving and providing accountability.

electronic forms

Electronic Forms to help organizations manage the creation, collection and storage of information.

capture invoice data

Capture invoice data in any format: Paper, PDF, EDI, CSV, XML, Word, HTML, JPG, PNG, TIFF, and more.

invoice processing

Invoices and suppliers are checked against accounts, and once approved they are sent for recording in your ERP.

approval workflow

Approve invoices and get predefined suggestions for account postings, using a computer or smartphone.

Improve data quality and reduce time and money.

Product Section

Front End Processing

Claims are directed to OnCourse for preprocessing. Multiple options are available including Provider & Eligibility matching, format changes, routing and file splitting. This front end process is performed prior to loading into the customers Claim System allowing for tremendous flexibility and efficiency.

Fast & Accurate Matching

Through advanced logic and custom rules; ValiData scrubs the HCFA, UB and Dental claim types. We also offer a final process called PM load. This pulls the necessary data elements from the ANSI 837 EDI and creates a New Provider load file. This eliminates tedious clerical work for claims processors.


While our clients are all similar, each have their own specific rules that need to be applied.  ValiData has the ability customize the matching criteria & edits to meet your specific needs.

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