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AR Accounts Receivable Automation

AR Accounts Receivable Automation

Accounts receivable staff receive critical communications in just about every means possible, including emails, faxes, hand written notes and system generated documents. Assuring that appropriate staff, including customer service, sales and accounting, has access is the key to being more efficient. Ultimately, by having an effective means of storing and sharing documents, an organization’s DSO (days sales outstanding) can go down, since efforts will be placed on actions that result in the highest yield.

Our document management solutions enable your organization to collect, store and manage all types of accounts receivable documentation. Regardless of their origin, we connect these documents together to provide a cohesive account overview. This includes system-generated documents, such as invoices, as well as the many different types of customer communications.

By having a consolidated view, your team will have visibility into any given account’s status. A document management solution provides the information so that a consistent approach to managing customers can be established.


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