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Expense Reports | Document Management & Workflow

Expense Reports

Without a document management system, connecting a receipt to the report, and getting approvals, can be quite a laborious process. Multiple departments lose visibility to the process, and get frustrated if the information is not available at a moment’s notice. For the submitter, if it’s not easy, these expenses will not be submitted in a timely manner. This makes accurate financial reporting difficult, and forces your accounting department to make excessive journal entries after the reporting period has closed.

document management solution simplifies the process, and keeps the expense reports flowing, providing you with an accurate view of your expense liabilities at any given time. With a document management solution, you can have an expense reporting system do exactly what you want it to do, instead of trying to fit your processes into off the shelf software. We provide a simple means to track receipts and approval processes, assuring the person submitting the report gets their issues identified and resolved quickly.


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