Medical Records Problem

After one year of operation, a Specialty Surgical Hospital experienced patient-visit volumes far in excess of projections. Their Health Information Department was quickly running out of space for records storage. And the staff was becoming overwhelmed with the phone-call and fax volume required with its outsourced Coding and Transcription vendors.


Document Imaging was evaluated as an alternative to consuming more valuable floor space with shelving and adding additional file clerks. Upon evaluating an Imaging solution, additional benefits were uncovered. OnCourse’s backfile conversion combined with FileBound Content Management software provided a seamless link with the hospital’s outsourced Transcription and Coding vendors.


  • Documents are scanned immediately after discharge to eliminate the need for records storage space.
  • The Coding vendor has immediate access to the patient records via the FileBound web service without any faxing or phone calls from the Health Information staff.
  • Operative reports are received from the Transcription vendor and automatically routed to the appropriate physician for review and electronic signature.
  • Release of Information time was drastically reduced with the ability to search and retrieve hundreds of records in seconds.

Process Overview

  • Transcribed operative reports are received electronically from the Transcription vendor.
  • The operative reports are routed to the appropriate physician for review and electronic signature.
  • The remaining records are scanned and uploaded into FileBound after patient discharge.
  • Key index values are attached to images using an automated process in conjunction with the patient database.
  • Operative reports are routed to the Coding vendor where coders pull from a “first in” pool.
  • After coding, records are marked “complete” and stored in the general image repository.


  • No more lost or misfiled records
  • Enterprise wide access to records
  • Multi-tiered security for record access
  • HIPAA compliant log/reporting of user activity
  • Shortened revenue cycle
  • No additional space or staff required for the department