A Fortune 500 company needed to reduce turnaround time from sales-lead acquisition to fulfillment. It had a complicated multi-vendor process — including receiving the lead via the mail, capturing the data, processing the data and fulfilling the information request. Each step had been costing them a day in time. Plus, the company’s five divisions had been using three different business models and three different groups of vendors. Beginning to end, a lead would generally take an entire week to process, hardly striking while the iron is hot.


OnCourse provided consolidation of all the front-end processing and assumed the responsibility for administering a single U.S. Post Office box to collect the leads, process the return mail and capture the data. Sales leads generated by all events were sent overnight to OnCourse for processing. OnCourse collaborated with the company to establish a single set of business rules and Service Level Agreement (SLA). 


  • Leads are collected, processed, and managed by only two vendors
  • Leads delivered back to the field reps within 48 hours
  • Concise detailed reporting on daily activity levels by program
  • Closer relationship between vendor and client

Process Overview

  • OnCourse manages the PO Box that received the responses
  • OnCourse’s mailroom staff sorts, batches and prepares the work for production
  • The data from the responses and events are captured
  • Print files supplied by the client are used for an additional layer of validation
  • Data is transmitted to client for processing


  • Increased sales
  • Shortened process cycle time
  • Improved data quality
  • Cost savings
  • Better knowledge of individual program effectiveness
  • Streamlined communications
  • Process improvement recommendations